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A hand-built 4" x 5" view camera was used to capture the photographic images on Black & White sheet film.  The film was developed normally, and after proper drying, the sheet film was immersed in a solution of sodium carbonate, thus enabling the manipulation of the image and the film’s emulsion.  When the desired "reticulation" effect was achieved, the film was removed from the chemical solution and air-dried.  For multiple exposure prints, 35mm negatives were also used with the 4" x 5" reticulated film.  Two to three 16" x 20" Black & White prints and/or one mural print were then made.  After full archival processing, washing and drying of these prints, one print from each negative was selected for hand-coloring.  Oil paints were then mixed and directly applied to the Black & White prints by hand.

"? one-of-a-kind ?":

The very nature of reticulation ensures that each reticulated negative and thus the crystals that have formed on the film will go through a process of "growth" and alteration with the passage of time and changing environmental conditions.  Due to the above, subsequent "printing" from the reticulated negatives will be slightly different each time.  Additionally, the oil paints are custom-mixed only at the time of hand-application onto the Black & White prints.

"next steps":

It is intended that a series of these photo-images will be periodically produced, printed in various sizes and hand-colored to illustrate the effects of reticulation over time.

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